32. Beogradski džez festival

32. Beogradski džez festival

32. Beogradski džez festival

32. Beogradski džez festival, pod sloganom PLANETA DŽEZ, od 26. do 30. oktobra 2016. u Domu omladine Beograda i Sava Centru.

About the festival

Belgrade Youth Center is presenting 32nd Belgrade Jazz Festival from October 26-30, with the slogan PLANET JAZZ. In the familiar format of main and midnight program, which will be held in Belgrade Youth Centre, this year two concerts on which four big jazz stars will perform are organized in Sava Center. Regarding the program, we are still paving the way for jazz inovations, which we set out to do last year – we are revealing to the audience newly discovered Planet Jazz, where this inventive style is played on every corner, but we did not forget the legends of this musical genre, whose work continues to inspire rising stars in creating jazz for 21st century.

planeta jazzThe oldest and internationally most recognized jazz festival in Serbia, a favorite among local audience is presenting in its 32nd edition globalization tendencies in jazz music, with some of the best new authors worldwide, who are creating the sound of the new millennium, as well as few selected legends, who built the foundations for the modern understanding of jazz. Every year, we set ourselves with new tasks and higher goals, as our intention is to present the finest artists to our audience, by extending the influence of the oldest Serbian jazz brand across the planet. Despite the years behind us, our spirit is getting younger and more modern, which our loyal audience can confirm, as every years it is becoming younger and younger, making our festival unique in Europe.

Belgrade Jazz Festival in its 32nd edition will last five days. This year in the main program in Belgrade Youth Center, we are putting the emphasis on the musicians coming from Latin countries – Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Cuba and France – as these places have a lively and authentic scenes and in the last few years the most exciting innovations in contemporary jazz, as well as most sensitive new authors came from these regions. In the midnight program, we are putting spotlight on the new Scandinavian school, thus our audience will have to opportunity to hear the best contemporary groups from Norway, Denmark, Sweden and for the first time Island.

Big concerts in Sava Center will illustrate two specific tendencies in contemporary jazz – one leaning towards popularization of this music and the other aiming at new artistic peaks through collaboration of artists from different generations. Therefore on October 27, we will have the opportunity to hear two new, popular artists, whose communicative music is successfully placed a step away from pop world: Avishai Cohen and his trio from Israel and a star of flamenco jazz, Antonio Serrano from Spain, a virtuoso on harmonica. The next day, on October 28, two undisputed legends, who created contemporary jazz on the revolutionary albums from the seventies, mostly with Miles Davis, will take the stage – for the first time on Belgrade Jazz Festival drummer Jack DeJohnette and bass player Dave Holland will perform, as both have visionary projects this year. As they are summing up the achievements in their careers and announcing the generational shift, both musicians will take the stage accompanied by amazing ensembles starring some of the best contemporary American musicians from a younger generation.

Finally, the honour of opening the Belgrade Jazz Festival is given to the specifically commissioned project of distinguished Serbian jazz pianist Vlada Maričić, with the special guest from USA – Brian Lynch, who are also threading the popular waters of Latino music, whereby the festival will be closed with the presentation of several artists from Serbia from different generations, from Szilárd Mezei and Schime Trio, all the way to Konzilijum. To this retrospective of possibilities of the local scene, project Great Yugoslav Songbook by Vesna Pisarović from Croatia can be added, as the attractive avant-garde international group will represent  a new reading and new jazz stylization of the classical Yugoslav pop tunes from the fifties and sixties.

Everything is ready for the trip around Planet Jazz in five days, by means of 21 performances of artists from 17 countries!

The founder and patron of Belgrade Jazz Festival is City of Belgrade, its officials selected the festival among the most significant cultural events in the city in 2007. Traditionally, Belgrade Jazz Festival will receive the support from several embassies and cultural centres, as well as other patrons.

Patrons of 32nd Belgrade Jazz Festival: City of Belgrade – City Administration – Secretariat for Culture; Ministry of Culture and Information of Republic of Serbia.

Friends of 32nd Belgrade Jazz Festival: Erste bank; companies AFI Europe and Shikun & Binui Group from Israel; investors of residential-business complexes Central Garden and Vožd’s Gate; SOKOJ, Airport City Belgrade; publishing company Službeni glasnik.

32nd Belgrade Jazz Festival is supported by US Embassy; Embassy of Portugal; Instituto Camões and City of Porto; Italian Institute for Culture; Institut de France; Institute Cervantes; Goethe Institute; Embassy of the Netherlands; Embassy of Israel; Austrian Cultural Forum; Collegium Hungaricum; Tourist Organization of Belgrade; Tourist Organization of Serbia.