32. Beogradski džez festival

32. Beogradski džez festival

32. Beogradski džez festival

32. Beogradski džez festival, pod sloganom PLANETA DŽEZ, od 26. do 30. oktobra 2016. u Domu omladine Beograda i Sava Centru.


32 nd Belgrade Jazz Festival – Planet Jazz has been conquered!

Recently finished 32nd Belgrade Jazz Festival (October 26-30, Belgrade Youth Center and Sava Center) recorded the attendance of over 17000 spectators (9200 sold tickets), most of whom were young people. As it was the case in the last few years, top selection brought to Belgrade some of the best and most talented contemporary jazz artists, more precisely 120 musicians from 16 countries, who performed on 20 concerts. It has been a while since a large number of people from Belgrade demonstrated how much they appreciate outstanding music festivals and particularly world jazz!

The festival already has international credibility – aside from notable presence of relevant international media and not just jazz publications, we are particularly proud that a number of concert agents, managers and record executives from different parts of the world attended the festival, which testifies to the fact that BJF is accepted as a significant part of the world’s music community and concert market. The total of 100 accredited reporters, out of which 30 from international media (from USA to Russia, the presence of several most renowned jazz critics was also noted) covered the festival, whereby the festival had 32 media sponsors from the country.

The preparations for the festival started last year and the first concerts were confirmed in February. The campaign lasted six months (starting from April 1), exceeding the record for published announcements and interviews. It is fairly certain that last year’s book containing 350 pages of articles about Belgrade Jazz Festival will be surpassed.

All concert reviews were positive – after many years, two days of program in Sava Center consisting of four concerts, attracted the biggest crowds, yet the general quality of all performances and good attendence of small performances makes evident the high position that the festival currently maintains. Everybody can agree – none of the artists who performed was not randomly invited to Belgrade Jazz Festival and that is why all performances will be remembered. Regardless of whether we talking about chopped up Latino rhytms of Alfredo Rodriguez or subtle notes of Vlada Maričić and trumpet player Brian Lynch, unforgetable seductive trio of Avishai Cohen or Antonio Serrano’s harmonica, fantastic free jazz ventures by Jack DeJohnette or meaningful improvisations by Dave Holland and all-star ensamble Aziza, Vincent Peirani’s passion or Gianluca Petrella’s mystic energy, lyrical charm of Portuguese big band Orchestra Jazz De Matosinhos – all of them amazed the audience and entered the history of Belgrade Jazz Festival with their memorable musical creations and eventful atmosphere. The night program also had its share of big stars, such as magnificantly emotional Tord Gustavsen, dynamic David Helbock and melancholic, yet endlessly playfull Sao Paulo Underground, as well as all others who performed in this time slot – they became new heroes!

Memory simply can not store all these impressions, which seem already to invite more sensations that will arrive in 2017 with 33rd Belgrade Jazz Festival.

With this year’s edition of Belgrade Jazz Festival, as an event with particular significance for the City of Belgrade and the member of European Jazz Association, the festival definitely entered the list of artistically relevant, renowned European mid-sized festivals. Many bigger European cities can not boast with such homegrown cultural brand, while the task of our loyal audience is to continue to support it, the same way it was doing it all these years with unparallel confidence. This is the reason why the festival is always dedicated to maintaining of unbreakable bond between musicians and audience, as well as celebrating music as an art form. And that is the only winning formula we have – the fact that such great unity of world music community is demostrated every year in Belgrade is the biggest reward for all of us.

Planet Jazz has been conquered!  

Tollef Østvang, All Included: “We play who we are”

The quintet All Included founded by Swedish saxophonist Martin Küchen brings together members of the most important groups on Scandinavian contemporary jazz scene (Angels, Cortex, Universal Indians, Friends & Neighbors, Trespass Trio, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra…) into real all-star band. This joint effort connects stylistic extremes: tradicional jazz, with blues harmony and collective improvisations, as well as individual free playing in the manner of Ornette Coleman with meandering beyond conventional limits and frequent changes of tempo. Over the impulses of funky, swing or cut up rhythm of Norwegian bass player Jon Rune Strøm and drummer Tollef Østvang, trumpet player Tomas Johansson and Swedish tromponist Matts Aleklint are intensely outplaying with Küchen.

So far, this bend released two albums Reincarnation of a Lovebird (2012) and Satan in Plain Clothes (2015), thus expressing in equal measure the passion towards intense and lyrical ambience, obsessive groove and complex structures.

All Included will play at Belgrade Jazz Festival tonight (00:30) in Dom omladine Beograda (Belgrade Youth Center)

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Tord Gustavsen: “Jazz is a globalized and yet very multi-layered musical family”

The pianist and composer Tord Gustavsen blends melancholy of European North, Scandinavian spiritual tradition and ESM art philosophy into music of magnificent beauty. Following a trilogy of albums done by a trio, he included an experienced saxophonist Tore Brunborg into the group, which added to the significant, lighter note to the music. This quartet researches, integrates and serves “the Holly Trinity” of emotional intensity, elegance and meditative musical breath, paving the way of the new jazz art in 21st century. Tord Gustavsen and his Quartet will play at Dom omladine Beograda (Belgrade Youth Center) on October 28th, within the program of 32nd Belgrade Jazz Festival.

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David Helbock: “Jazz is not the same language everywhere, but music is.“

Pianist and composer David Helbock is one of the leading Austrian musicians of younger generation. He won the most prestigious European piano competition in Montreux (2007, 2010), where he also received the award given by the audience. Along with his own material, he mastered an exceptionally successful jazz rendition of Prince’s musical opus. Just before the festival, his new, sixth album will be released, as his first recording for one of the most respected European labels – ACT Music & Vision from Germany. He will play at Belgrade Jazz Festival on October 27th, at Dom omladine Beograda (Belgrade Youth Center)

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